Our bags are 100% hand-woven, one-of-a-kind, Wayuu handbags from the Wayuu indigenous communities in South America to you.A bag takes approximately 20 days to be completed by the same Wayuu artisan. The bags are not only a way to express their emotions and feelings, but also their wisdom. The bags have been featured in Vogue and other fashion magazines. Wayuulifestyle, has concentrated its efforts in assisting the Wayúu, an indigenous group of over 450,000 people located in the Guajira Peninsula of Northern Colombia and Northwest Venezuela.  Recently, supporting income generation to indigenous groups.Commonly referred to as Guajiros, Wayuus are an Amerindian ethic group that have been able to avoid European acculturation over the centuries. The Guajira region is characterized by being very dry and arid, as well as extremely poor in most rural areas.

Wayúulifestyle has successfully improved the lives of hundreds of indigenous children by providing school supplies, and food; moreover, it has provided their mothers with employment and income-generating opportunities.